Bright Futures Atlanta was formed in 2002 in order to promote the spiritual, academic and physical growth of its youth participants and their families through year-round programs. After working with a local non-profit ministry for three years, Philip and Gail Ross (founders) decided to concentrate their efforts on the youth of the community. Since its inception, Bright Futures Atlanta has witnessed under-served youth of the community become self-sufficient, successful young people in college, military and full-time employment.

Bright Futures Atlanta operations are fielded by Executive Director Philip Ross, his wife Gail and a full-time director of development. Bright Futures Academy is staffed by a full-time principal and eight full-time teachers. Bright Futures Atlanta also includes a volunteer base from the local community, local churches and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Financial support comes from a variety of sources including individuals, small businesses, local churches, foundations and The Georgia Tax Credit Program.

Our Mission Statement

Bright Futures Atlanta promotes the spiritual, academic and physical well-being of its youth and their families through discipleship and education, resulting in personal accountability, positive career direction and lifelong achievement.

Our Vision Statement

Bright Futures Atlanta will impact the community of West Atlanta through a positive and sustainable support system, providing the means and motivation for youth to succeed in becoming self-sufficient, contributing adults.