Ta’Ron, Jessica, Mikayla and Q all work hard academically to give themselves a fighting chance at achieving those dreams.  But they cannot do it alone. They need you to come along-side them to give them the backing their community cannot.  They need you now.  Now is the time to support the efforts of Bright Futures Atlanta and its Academy with your year-end gifts.

Here at Bright Futures Atlanta, we can only impact future generations through your gifts and we do our best to be great stewards of what you entrust us with. This can be seen in our results – since its inception, Bright Futures Academy has had a 100% college acceptance rate from its graduates!!!

Imagine the impact of giving the gift of opportunity to a child that might not otherwise have any. You’re helping us create a positive member of society. You’re helping us create a mentor for future children that may find themselves in the same situation decades from now…Presents under the tree are wonderful, but a gift (large or small) for Bright Futures’ students can last a lifetime, and beyond!

Your partnership will support us in a way that makes it possible to achieve successful results and provide our students with the tools and necessities to become productive adults. Your gift tells Mikayla and the other youth we serve that you believe they are worth more than the circumstances into which they were born. YOUR gift is the realization of their dreams.

I challenge you to open your heart to these students and help fill the education and mentoring gaps in their lives. Our goal is to raise an additional $75,000 by the end of this year. Give generously and watch the seed you plant grow larger than you imagined.

**P.S. ~ Mikayla wanted me to tell you, “I appreciate all of you who have invested in my dreams.”

With gratitude,


Philip Ross, Executive Director
Bright Futures Atlanta

Big Dreamers

Ta’Ron’s desire to become a doctor is greater than his circumstances. He’s worth more than what his crime-filled neighborhood gives him, but he needs help to break the cycle of poverty and dependence.

Jessica’s desire to become a Special-Ed Teacher stems from her love of helping others less fortunate. She comes from a neighborhood where the need for so many services are badly neglected, or totally ignored. This disregard is most apparent in the lack of a quality education to the young people in our community and near nonexistence of quality after-school opportunities.

Mikayla aspires to be an airline pilot. A dream she has had ever since growing up not too far away from the Atlanta airport and watching the jets scream over her house. You and I may think, “what a pain!!” because of the noise, but Mikayla has always looked to the sky with dreams of piloting one of those loud aircraft overhead. Mikayla, and her dream of becoming an airline pilot, truly breaks the cliche of “the sky is the limit.”

Quinxavier’s (aka Q) desire to become an Athletic Trainer stems from his love of sports and his desire to help others.  He’s worth more than what his crime-filled neighborhood gives him, but he needs help to break the cycle of poverty and dependence.

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