Participation in our Student Link Scholarship Program allows you to directly support the education and year-round programming of our students. The program is designed to build personal relationships between sponsors and students. You can share in their growth and celebrate their successes.


Student Link Scholarship Program

The Student Link Scholarship Program enables donors to put a face and a story with Bright Futures Atlanta. It is our sincere desire and mission to change lives through relationship and education. We invite you into this process and into our family. We encourage you to form a personal relationship with one of our students and be an active part of their success story.

Student Link is instrumental in helping us accomplish our mission. With the support of our sponsors, we are able to provide superior education and programming to the most under-served neighborhoods in Atlanta.

The program is designed to build personal relationships between sponsors and students. Sponsors will have the opportunity to share in the growth of their students and celebrate their successes. Students benefit from the knowledge that the sponsor believes in them and is committed to their success.

Sponsors are invited to exclusive events throughout the year to build the relationship with their student and to learn about their development. Twice per year, we host exclusive lunches where sponsors have the opportunity to share a meal with their student and tour the Academy. Sponsors are also encouraged to attend our private Christmas party.

Become a sponsor and be the link to success for a Bright Futures student.

Student Link Giving Levels:


Your contribution will provide the following for your student:

  • Education from highly-accredited private school
  • Attendance at state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot academy
  • Instruction from nine certified teachers with an average of ten years’ experience
  • Safe and stimulating learning environment
  • Classroom sizes of 10-15 students
  • Transportation to and from school on the Bright Futures bus
  • Nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch
  • Advanced technology, including smart boards, laptops and tablets


Your contribution will provide the following for your student:


  • Three hours of structured programming Monday – Thursday
  • Opportunities to participate in art, music and athletics
  • Safe and encouraging atmosphere for students to pursue interests
  • Nutritious meal for dinner


  • Six hours of programming Monday – Thursday
  • One week trip to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
  • One week trip to Virginia Mountains
  • Daily programming and events in the greater Atlanta area
  • Nutritious meals for lunch and dinner


Your contribution will provide the following for your student:

  • Three hours of structured programming Monday – Thursday
  • Opportunities to participate in art, music and athletics
  • Safe and encouraging atmosphere for students to pursue interests
  • Nutritious meal for dinner

Please note that any amount is appreciated and donations can be set up as monthly payments, if desired.
These levels reflect the cost of providing the listed items for one student for one calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who funds Bright Futures Atlanta?

Bright Futures Atlanta is funded by generous donations from individuals, foundations, businesses, and churches. Our students never pay any tuition costs. All of our students live below the federal poverty line and would otherwise not be able to afford private school education. The Student Link Sponsorship Program is a critical aspect of our funding.

What are the different levels of sponsorship?

We offer three distinct levels of sponsorship. Each level is explained in greater detail on the website and in our introductory brochure.

$10,000: Academy Connections Scholarship
$5,000: Extracurricular Engagement Scholarship
$1,200: After-School Impact Scholarship

How long does the sponsorship last?

If possible, the partnership will recur on an annual basis until the student graduates. Our hope is that, over time, a strong relationship develops between sponsor and student. The student benefits immensely from the quality education and the encouragement that their sponsor believes in their ability. Similarly, sponsors will build personal relationships with their students and track their progress. We understand that circumstances change, so a partnership can be ended at any time. Please contact us if you require changes to an existing partnership.

What is the student relationship with the sponsor?

We encourage strong relationships between student and sponsor. Our students are engaging and inspiring. They are the reason we work so hard to accomplish our mission. We feel strongly you will agree once you meet them. We provide several opportunities to engage your student in-person and encourage sponsors to take advantage of those opportunities. Students will keep sponsors updated with letters or postcards several times per year.

Attendance at the Student Link Sponsorship Program events is solely at the sponsor’s discretion. We will work with your schedule to provide alternative dates if you are unable to attend scheduled events.

Please note that sponsors are not allowed to communicate or meet privately with students. All communication and interaction between student and sponsor must be facilitated by Bright Futures Atlanta staff members. If you’d like to get a message to your student, please contact us.

How often can I visit my student?

We host an exclusive lunch for sponsors to meet their students and tour the school each year. Students will display their academic and extracurricular achievements for their sponsor. Teachers and administrators will be available to answer questions and share stories about your student’s progress.

Sponsors are also invited to our private Christmas celebration each December. We hope these meetings will allow you to develop a special connection with your student.

We also offer regular, weekly volunteer opportunities throughout the year during our after-school and summer programs in art, music, athletics and more.

When is the Christmas Celebration? May I bring gifts for my student?

Sponsors and their immediate families are invited to attend our Christmas Celebration each December. Sponsors will receive additional information about the event via email.

All students will receive gifts that are carefully selected to ensure no one student receives drastically more gifts than another. If you would like to contribute to our Christmas gift project, please contact Bright Futures directly.

How often will I receive communication from my student?

Sponsors will receive at least three handwritten letters or postcards from their student each calendar year.

Can I communicate with my student?

In addition to our private events and regularly scheduled volunteer hours each week, sponsors are able to write letters of encouragement to their student. To protect the sponsors and students, all communication must be directed through the administration office at Bright Futures Atlanta. Please do not contact your student directly.

Who can sponsor a student?

Individuals, families, corporations and groups are all eligible to sponsor a student.

Will the student I sponsor ever change?

In some cases, the student you sponsor will change. Our students live in poverty, and their family and social dynamics are complex and unstable. Children in high poverty areas often have transitory lifestyles due to dysfunctional home environments. This impacts where they live and where they attend school. Unfortunately, some parents do not always make decisions based on what is best for their child’s education. Our staff works diligently with our families to produce the best outcomes. Sometimes this means students move to locations outside of our district.

Sometimes students do leave our school for their best interest. For example, if they live in an abusive home, we will work to find an alternative living situation, regardless of the location or the school they will attend. We have the safety and best interest of our students in mind at all times.

Bright Futures Atlanta is a demanding program, especially for students and parents who have only experienced the chaos of inner-city public schools. We require complete commitment to our rigorous, year-round programming and hold students accountable for their attendance and behavior. The distractions from our neighborhood are extraordinary and, at times, will consume a student. Our staff is very patient and understanding, but each student must choose whether or not they will adhere to our code of conduct and commit to our mission. We are strong believers of redemption, consistently providing our students opportunities to re-engage with our program.

Will I Be the Only Sponsor for My Student?

All students attend all of our programs. So, regardless of their sponsor’s level of giving, it still requires $10,000 to provide programming to each student.

To best serve our students and ensure their full participation in our year-round programming, we will potentially need to combine sponsors at the After-School Impact Level ($1,200). This will allow us to serve each student at an exceptional level.

Sponsors at the Academy Connections Level ($10,000) and the Extracurricular Engagement Level ($5,000) will be the sole sponsor for their specific student.

Does My Donation Go Directly to My Student?

We provide each student a superior education and holistic year-round programming, regardless of their pairing with a sponsor. Our unwavering commitment to all of our students requires the donations from the Student Link Sponsorship Program to be collected into a general fund and used to serve all of our students. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are impacting our entire student body while forming a personal relationship with a specific student.

I have a question not answered here. Whom should I contact?

We would love to discuss the program with you in more detail and address any questions you may have. Please contact our Executive Director Philip Ross at for more information