Bright Futures Atlanta is a Christian-based youth organization. It focuses on helping inner-city, at-risk children by providing spiritual, educational and familial support that helps students become productive members of society and role models to their peers. Bright Futures programmatic areas include academic instruction at Bright Futures Academy, after-school programming during the school year and camp during the summer.


In 2009, Bright Futures Atlanta established a home school academy that provided a superior education to middle- and high-school children already in the Bright Futures program. During the fall, winter and spring seasons, children spend more waking hours at school than at home. Bright Futures Academy continues to provide these teens with a scholastic platform and positive influences that will increase their odds of success in life and their ability to transform their community. In 2013, Bright Futures Academy opened the school year in its current location, a 10,000+ square foot education center located at 1300 Joseph E. Boone Boulevard NW.


It is an understatement to say that inner-city schools trail far behind schools throughout the rest of the nation. Fighting, drugs, teen pregnancy and a lack of parental support are far worse within the inner-city context compared to any other school environment. Over 15 years of involvement with inner-city kids, both tutoring them and visiting their schools, has shown us firsthand the true conditions they face as students.

Compared with students at suburban public schools, inner-city students are one to four years behind in grade level benchmarks. Almost 50% of inner-city students do not graduate high school. For those students who do graduate and then pursue college or technical schooling, 85% of them cannot keep a B average and often lose their scholarships and funding. These teens find out the hard way that their A and B average in inner-city high school equates to a C or D average in college. It is an unfair dilemma to place a student within a paradigm that tells them they are an A or B student, yet in reality, they are a C or D student when compared with the rest of the nation.

To combat this lack of excellence in the education of children and teens, Bright Futures Academy was opened in the fall of 2009 for its middle and high school participants. The Academy provides a safe and structured environment for students to learn. The goal of Bright Futures Academy is to give students an educational context for learning in which they are not distracted by the usual chaos of the inner-city public school system. We believe that, in a different setting, students will be able to learn more effectively and teachers will be able to teach at a higher level without the distractions of the public school context.


In 2013, Bright Futures Academy received full traditional school “Accreditation with Quality” with the Georgia Accrediting Commission, further enhancing and reinforcing the vision and goal of our students attending the college of their choice or establishing themselves in the workplace upon graduation from Bright Futures Academy.

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