The goal of Bright Futures Academy is to give students an educational context for learning in which they are not distracted by the usual chaos of the inner-city public school system. We believe that, in a different school setting, students will experience a higher level of learning and teachers will be able to provide a higher level of instruction without the distractions of the public school context.

Bright Futures Academy seeks to bring cerebral knowledge to the students, with a goal to transfer that instruction from the head to the heart, and finally, out through the hands in application. The Academy seeks to not only produce good students comparable to national standards, but also good disciples of Jesus Christ who will have the moral foundation to stand up to temptations that seek to tear down character in our society. Bright Futures has made great strides in helping many of Atlanta’s inner-city, at-risk children learn the value of Christ and gain a significant self-worth that will allow them to become accomplished individuals.

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