Our Summer Camp prevents students from spending the summer in unstructured homes that lack opportunities and positive influences. Unfortunately, idle minds and bodies translate to insufficient academic retention and destructive behavior. Students who are actively involved in summer programming are proven to perform better the following school year. Our Summer Camp emphasizes peer relationship development, soft skills and self confidence. All Bright Futures Atlanta students take part in our summer programming.

Summer Camp

Ten weeks of intense interaction and discipleship through devotion, character building, field trips, swimming and overnight excursions.

  • Devotion and character-building discussions daily to promote strong social conscience
  • Weekly outings to expose students to the arts, nature and other activities that they otherwise would not experience
  • Overnight activities to promote close friendships and team cohesiveness

Summer “Getaway” Camp

The “Hood to the Woods” getaway camp is a week-long camping trip in the mountains of Virginia. Teamwork is stressed during these activities.

  • Pulaski Church of God staff and members open their homes and facilities for housing, food and recreation.
  • Pulaski County Department of Recreation sponsors day camps including sports, team-building exercises, a computer lab and lunch.
  • Randolph Park is a state-of-the-art facility offering swimming, a lighted sports complex and nature trails.
  • Pulaski, Virginia has a number of natural wonders including Cascade Falls for hiking and devotion time.

We also take a week-long trip to the beaches of Florida for students rewarded for excellence in academics, commitment and behavior throughout the academic year.

These are life-changing experiences for our students, as many of them have never traveled outside of Georgia, spent any significant time in nature or seen the beach in-person. These trips allow us to expose our youth to environments outside of their comfort zones and expand their horizons.