ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) Sportscaster James ‘JB’ Brown visited with students at Bright Futures Academy where he inspired them to reach for the sky. 

Eyes were locked in on the legendary broadcaster at the assembly where he stressed that each student has a bright future ahead of them.

“He can relate to us, because he came from the same place that we came from,” said 16-year-old Jordan Jones, a student at Bright Futures Academy.

Brown says he wants students to know they can do exactly what he has done.

“They can do better, and whatever their passion, whatever their gift is, they can pursue it to the max, with the spirit of excellence, irrespective of the environment or what others may have said about them,” said Brown.

The school’s Executive Director and Founder, Philip Ross, says they want their students to get advice from someone other than their parents and teachers.

“Just to kind of give them a little bit of insight on where he’s come from, how he got where he got,” said Ross, “Our kids need to talk and see people who look like them, people who have come from where they’ve come from, people who can relate to their situation.”

Brown, who is in town for the Super Bowl, spent his afternoon trying to provide encouragement to the next generation.

“I come from similar circumstances, so I’m hoping that sharing that with them, and understanding what I’m doing now is not what many people would have thought I would be doing years ago,” added Brown.

“He makes me feel like we can do anything we set our minds to,” Jones said, “He made it up there, so it made me feel like I can also make it up there too.”

Brown says although he was brought in to make an impression on the students, it was them who really made a lasting impression on him.

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